Duck and Vegetables Raw Dog Food


  • 20 pounds of duck wings
  • 30 pounds of duck gizzards (or venison when I don’t have gizzards)
  • 5 pounds of duck hearts (or turkey hearts)
  • 10 pounds of turkey scapula meat
  • 8 pounds of organ/offal blend by (4-2 lb chubs)
  • 5 pounds of a vegetable mix



I prefer to feed my dogs ground raw dog food; it’s easy to feed ground raw from their dog dishes and leaves less of a mess.

I grind all of the meat and mix them in several huge stainless steel bowls.  Once mixed, I transfer the ingredients into Rubbermaid containers and into the fridge and freezer.

The vegetable mix can be added while mixing all of the meat or to each meal as you feed your dogs.  I do both depending on what I have on hand (and what I remember to do).  This week, my dogs are eating very little vegetables in their meal simply because I forgot to thaw out veggie mix.  A break here and there doesn’t hurt.

The above ingredients will create a balanced meal for at least a week for my four big dogs.


My dogs get the same supplements daily, but not all of my dogs get each of the following supplements.  I add these to my dogs’ morning or evening meal:


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  1. Here’s a question for you – If I see a recipe that sounds good, I’m wondering if I could just cook the meat (stop laughing) and grind it up add all the other ingredients? Does it lose nutritional value because I cooked/boiled the meat?


    1. KimberlyGauthier says:

      You CAN cook the ingredients, however, the food will lose it’s nutritional value. However, I have an answer! Add a meal balancer to cover the nutrients you lost during cooking. This is something veterinarians who are proponents of home cooked diets recommend.

      Dr. Ken Tudor formulated this one:


  2. Rita says:

    How much DE and ACV should I am to my dog’s diet and how often should it be given. What is the benefit of each?


    1. KimberlyGauthier says:

      I no longer add diatomaceous earth to my dogs’ diet – I doubt the benefits when consumed. I rarely add apple cider vinegar with the exception of using it when creating bone broth. People tend to add it because it’s great for digestive health; I prefer adding fermented foods and digestive supplements.


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