Rabbit and Vegetables

This week, my dogs are eating rabbit.

The rabbit is sourced from a local farm (through our raw food co-op) and the cost is at the higher range for proteins.  I like it because it’s considered an exotic meat for my dogs and none of them have an allergy.   I just wish I could get a different grind; it’s finely ground, making it very thick and sticky, a texture that I don’t care for in raw food.

At first, I planned to stop ordering rabbit for my dogs, but I changed my mind.  Three of my dogs enjoy it.  Scout likes it okay.  My issue is the texture, which is one of my biggest issues with the new raw brands that are coming to market – the meat is ground so finely that it seems like a loaf and not like meat.

I tried adding more water and I mixed the ground rabbit with my veggie mix, but it’s still pretty thick.

I can buy whole rabbit and grind it myself (it’s less expensive), but I’m too much of a coward to deal with whole.


  • 12 pounds of ground whole rabbit
  • 2 pounds of vegetable mix



I prefer to feed my dogs ground raw dog food; it’s easy to feed ground raw from their dog dishes and leaves less of a mess.

I grind all of the meat and mix them in several huge stainless steel bowls.  Once mixed, I transfer the ingredients into Rubbermaid containers and into the fridge and freezer.

The vegetable mix can be added while mixing all of the meat or to each meal as you feed your dogs.  I do both depending on what I have on hand (and what I remember to do).  This week, my dogs are eating pureed vegetables mixed into their raw because I didn’t have time to make their Veggie Mix.

The above ingredients will create a balanced meal for at least a week for my four big dogs.


My dogs get the same supplements daily, but not all of my dogs get each of the following supplements.  I add these to my dogs’ morning or evening meal:


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sylvie Savage says:

    Your supplement list is awesome! and I love your recipe cards at the bottom. Well done. On the subject of rabbit, I’ve noticed that smaller dogs tend to do better with smaller pray such as rabbit, have you ever noticed this as well?


    1. KimberlyGauthier says:

      Hi Sylvie – My dogs weigh between 60-75 pounds; I haven’t had any experience with small dogs yet.


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