Xkaliber Green Tripe Blend

This week, my dogs are eating food from GreenTripe.com that is sourced through our raw food co-op).

Xkaliber is a blend of green tripe, beef muscle meat, beef heart, beef tongue, beef trachea/gullet, and ground bone (not bone meal).  GreenTripe.com tells us that this blend is great for younger dogs and serious working dogs.  It helps build muscle, bone and stamina.  It is also excellent for older dogs if fed a couple of times a week.

I decided to order a case and add it to the rotation for two reasons:

  • Scout and Zoey are young dogs.
  • Although Scout isn’t a working dog, he’s very active and I want a food that supports his muscles and bones.
  • Rodrigo and Sydney are turning 7 in March and will have them knocking on the door to being seniors.

The dogs love the Xkaliber.  I don’t feed it as a full meal to Rodrigo and Scout because it’s a bit rich for them, so I’m blending it into a dehydrated raw meal from Addiction this week (we’re low on raw).

The food comes in a chub, pre-ground and ready to serve.


  • 6 pounds (3 chubs) of Xkaliber
  • 1 box of Addiction dehydrated raw (venison recipe)
  • 2 pounds of vegetable mix
  • frozen green beans (for the girls, their on a diet)


No equipment needed; everything can be added to each dog’s dish directly from the chub.  The vegetable mixes are premade and the frozen green beans are thawed before served.


I hydrate the dehydrated raw based on the serving recommendation.  I adjust Sydney and Zoey’s amount to account for their diet.  Once fully hydrated, I mix in the Xkaliber until each dog’s dish is at the appropriate weight.  I then add in vegetables and green beans.

This week, my dogs are eating pureed vegetables mixed into their raw because I didn’t have time to make their Veggie Mix.

This is a balanced raw diet for one week with four big dogs that range from 60 pounds to 75 pounds.


My dogs get the same supplements daily, but not all of my dogs get each of the following supplements.  I’ve made slight changes to prior recipes based on my dogs’ needs.  I add these to my dogs’ morning or evening meal:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    I feed my dogs (ages 11-14 years) raw chicken/eggs, kibble and supplements. One of my dogs recently started peeing in her crate, which she has never done before. My vet said she is getting to much protein. What are your thoughts on this? He said 25% protein is the benchmark


    1. Unfortunately, I’m unable to answer this question because I haven’t had this experience with my dogs and because I lack a veterinarian degree, I don’t have the experience on health issues outside of what I’ve seen with my four dogs.


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