Sardines instead of Fish Oil

I haven’t posted in a while because our dogs haven’t eaten dined on anything new.  Once I found which proteins work best for my pack, I don’t stray too far from the menu.

This morning, I decided to give the dogs something different – sardines!  I can order whole sardines through our co-op.  Rodrigo loves them and will eat them whole, raw in the yard.  They are flash frozen after being caught off the Oregon coast and arrive in 50-pound boxes.  I have to partially thaw the box and redistribute into manageable packages.


Source: Primal Pet Foods


It’s a pain in the butt and too much fish to deal with so I purchased a case of sardine chubs (the food comes in a tube form) from Primal Pet Food.  This is just sardine grind and looks like a brown mush.  It’s tempting to wonder if this is really fish, but once you get a whiff, you’re sure.  Plus, I’ve ground up fish before and that’s close to what it looks like – a brown mush.

It’s not very appetizing to me; the dogs love it.

This morning, I split the dogs’ meals in half, giving them 1/2 of the duck/veggie grind that I made and 1/2 of the Primal Pet sardine grind.  I mixed it together, added thawed green beans to the girls’ meals (they’re on a diet), and served with their supplements.

It was a hit!


My dogs get the same supplements daily, but not all of my dogs get each of the following supplements.  I add these to my dogs’ morning or evening meal.


The supplements I give to my dogs vary depending on their needs.  Visit my blog to learn about the supplements I feed to my raw fed dogs.  This is a 2017 blog post that I adjust throughout the year as their needs change.



Visit Keep the Tail Wagging® to learn more about the benefits of sardines for dogs.  Even canned sardines (I look for low sodium, in water or olive oil) offer amazing benefits.

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