Rabbit and Green Beef Tripe

This week, my dogs are eating rabbit and a green tripe/organ blend by GreenTripe.com.

The rabbit is sourced from a local farm (through our raw food co-op) and the cost is at the higher range for proteins.  I like it because it’s considered an exotic meat for my dogs and none of them have an allergy.   I just wish I could get a different grind; it’s finely ground, making it very thick and sticky, a texture that I don’t care for in raw food.

My dogs love it and I’ve found a way to make it less sticky and easier to manage.  And after a stretch without rabbit the dogs are enjoying the variety.

I can buy whole rabbit and grind it myself (it’s less expensive), but I’m too much of a coward to deal with whole.


  • 12 pounds of ground whole rabbit
  • 2 pounds of green tripe/organ blend (beef heart, lungs, liver, spleen and pancreas with green tripe)
  • 2 pounds of vegetable mix (optional)



I prefer to feed my dogs ground raw dog food; it’s easy to feed ground raw from their dog dishes and leaves less of a mess.

I grind all of the meat and mix them in several huge stainless steel bowls.  Once mixed, I transfer the ingredients into Rubbermaid containers and into the fridge and freezer.

The rabbit and green tripe blend is preground.  I can feed rabbit and veggies only, however, I decided to add the green tripe/organ blend to give the dogs something new to eat.  I use a masher because of the rabbit is very hard to mix otherwise; adding water, vegetables and the green tripe blend makes it a little easier to mix.

This time around, I didn’t have vegetables available so I added a vitamin supplement by WellyTails.


The vegetable mix can be added while mixing all of the meat or to each meal as you feed your dogs.  I do both depending on what I have on hand (and what I remember to do).  This week, my dogs are eating pureed vegetables mixed into their raw because I didn’t have time to make their Veggie Mix.

The above ingredients do not represent a balanced meal; I took the meal out of balance when I added the green tripe blend.  Although it would be nice to feed a balanced raw meal daily, it’s not always realistic, so I strive for balance over time.


My dogs get the same supplements daily, but not all of my dogs get each of the following supplements.  I add these to my dogs’ morning or evening meal:


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