Quail + Duck Neck + Beef Organs

This raw meal includes ground quail, a beef organ meat blend, duck neck, and green beans. I also explain the supplements I add to their meals.


Ground quail from Columbia River Pets

Beef organ blend from GreenTripe.com – I like to add more organ meat despite feeding whole ground quail because I think organs contain so many extra, beneficial nutrients. There are weeks when I skip this ingredient when feeding ground quail.

Duck neck

Raw Egg (no shell – explained in video)

Green beans for the girls (weight loss)

Canine System Saver – for joint support; http://www.caninesystemsaver.com

Milk Thistle by Herbsmith Inc – for liver health and a natural detox; http://www.keepthetailwagging.com/milkthistle (use KTTW10 for 10% off your order)

Golden Paste – for an anti-inflammatory and joint/immune system health; recipe: http://www.keepthetailwagging.com/goldenpaste

Spirulina by Wholistic Pet Organics – for immune system healthy and extra nutrients; https://amzn.to/2JemZCK (aff)

Bee Power by Wholistic Pet Organics – https://amzn.to/2LkrHj1(aff)

FullBucket Daily Canine Powderhttp://www.keepthetailwagging.com/fullbucket (aff); I give this to my dogs when I haven’t thawed out raw goat’s milk, I also give this to Rodrigo when I didn’t add his Bio Case Plus (pancreas supplement)

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  1. JetSetBette says:

    Please pardon me, I do not presume to know more than anyone. But i had a dog that was fighting Lyme that affected her autoimmune. As a result we had to support her liver because of all the toxic meds and the illness itself. I started a special diet and supplements designed for her and I was told specifically that one should not introduce milk thistle unless there is a stress to the liver specifically that it can cause damage otherwise. And even when in stress it cannot be taken indefinitely… just sharing what I learned


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here is a link to a video that I did with holistic veterinarian Dr. Chris Bessent about the benefits of milk thistle that explains why I add it to my dogs’ diet: https://youtu.be/wS8Z2mcgs14

      I do understand that milk thistle isn’t for everyone or every dog. Speaking with Dr. Bessent changed my mind about why it’s beneficial for my dogs.


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